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About us
Water nourishes and purifies all living things, carrying information. We put love, care and healing into it so that you can fill in what is missing and get rid of the negative.

Relaxing and renewing your body
Wellness baths
Duration: 15 minutes
Baths with salt and natural concentrates, aroma baths combined with hydromassage or aeromassage. This is just what you need after a busy day at work. Relax, put all your thoughts aside and allow yourself at least 20 minutes of rest in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.

1 session - 50 Gel
7 session - 305 Gel (benefit 45 Gel)
10 session - 420 Gel (benefit 80 Gel)
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Hydro-vacuum massage
Duration: 90 minutes
An effective, innovative procedure. It has a powerful anti-cellulite and fat-burning effect. It triggers deep cleansing of the skin and also effectively works all muscle groups, which is very relaxing, especially after intense workouts.

1 session - 150 Gel
5 session - 650 Gel (benefit 50 Gel)
10 session - 1200 Gel (benefit 300 Gel)
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Underwater shower-massage
Duration: 30-40 minutes
Just like hydro-vacuum massage, it provides deep muscle development, thereby replacing 3 sessions of general massage at once!
It cleanses and tones the skin, has a healing effect on arthritis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Mental and physical stress is easier to bear.

1 session - 80 Gel
5 session - 350 Gel (benefit 50 Gel)
10 session - 500 Gel (benefit 300 Gel)
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Ion Detox SPA
Duration: 30 minutes
A certified specialist using the innovative Ion Detox Spa device cleanses the lymph, blood and internal organs at the cellular level from toxins and waste that have accumulated over the years, and also normalizes metabolism and blood pressure.

1 session - 50 Gel
5 session - 225 Gel (benefit 25 Gel)
10 session -350 Gel (benefit 150 Gel)
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Duration: 40 minutes
Immerse yourself in the world of innovative technologies! Our device turns 8 volts into biocurrents that exactly match the electrical charge of your cells. Result? Regulation, cleansing, restoration and even rejuvenation - right inside your body!

1 session - 80 Gel
5 session - 370 Gel (benefits 30 Gel)
10 session - 720 Gel (benefit 80 Gel)
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Pressotherapy (Lymphatic drainage)
Duration: 15 minutes
A highly effective procedure, it perfectly helps with swelling and heaviness in the legs, as well as treats varicose veins and helps in the fight against cellulite. Therefore, for most people it is familiar and loved.

1 session - 40 Gel
5 session - 165 Gel (benefits 35 Gel)
10 session - 300 Gel (benefit 100 Gel)
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Physiocomplex Head Relaxation
Duration: 60 minutes
This is a unique complex of 6 physiotherapy procedures, developed by an academician of natural sciences. A course of 10 procedures will improve vision, get rid of pain and discomfort in the cervical region, headaches, improve blood circulation, and at the same time smooth out wrinkles.

1 session - 60 Gel
7 session - 385 Gel (benefits 35 Gel)
10 session - 500 Gel (benefit 100 Gel)
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Season tickets

We will fill 2 days off with care for your body and maximum relaxation.

An underwater massage shower, aroma bath, ionic detox cleansing of the body, pressotherapy and an exclusive physiotherapy complex accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere and aromatic tea will give your body a full charge, calm your mind and breathe new life into you.

Only 300 250 Gel in 2 days!

The best gift is health and care!

Give those who are dear to you the most original gift - wellness and aroma baths. Your gift will be original and full of love - an opportunity to plunge into an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, enjoying the beneficial effects of healing baths and aromatherapy.

5 sessions - 225 Gel

10 sessions - 450 Gel

This is a complex of health baths.

Each bath produces its own special effect on the body:

"C" - Cleansing of the skin;

"A" - Activation of the body;

"F" - Anti-inflammatory effect;

"S" - Sedative effect.

10 sessions—30 days

450 Gel

Take care of those closest to you!
Take care of those closest to you!
Special offers

3 weeks of ionic Detox-cleansing of the body with a 33.33% discount

In 3 weeks you will receive a full course of cleansing, immerse yourself in the world of wellness under the guidance of sensitive professionals, feel the lightness and freshness that comes with cleanliness of the body.

Only until 01.06 –

for only 600 399 Gel

  • Just until 01.06 - only 150 120 Gel

for 2 hours of relaxation and reboot!

  • Let's start the process of cleansing the body at the cellular level
  • Let your feet feel light
  • Let's relieve tension from the neck, eyes and head.

Did we like it?

Come with your whole family or friends, and we will give everyone a personal 10% discount on the first trial procedure: baths, underwater massages, ionic Detox cleansing, pressotherapy, any physiotherapy and physiotherapy complexes.

Get experience and unique impressions at the best price!

Leave your contacts and wishes and receive specialist advice + a ready-made effective and convenient procedure plan AS A GIFT!

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Batumi, st. Zurab Gorgiladze, 111

Best Western Premier Batumi Hotel

5th floor SPA

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