Hydro-vacuum massage

Duration 90 minutes

Recommended course 5-10 procedures

For the first time in Batumi, a hydro-vacuum massage procedure!
This is an innovative method of restoring health, rejuvenating the body, gaining beauty, slimness and youth, combining the unique properties of water and vacuum.
Underwater vacuum massage is a procedure that can improve the condition of the skin and stimulate processes in soft tissues, as well as a delicate effect that can reduce the volume of fat cells, restore circulation and restore elasticity to the skin.
It has powerful normalizing and relaxing effects on the nervous system, as well as a restorative and tonic effect on skin, muscle and connective tissue structures.
Seeing the results is not only a high-quality therapeutic and aesthetic result, but is also a very comfortable and pleasant procedure for the patient.

To obtain tangible results, it is enough to undergo 5-10 procedures, and then, if desired, you can maintain the effect by visiting the salon once every two weeks. The hydro-vacuum massage procedure allows you to tone the skin and muscles, get rid of sagging in places that are difficult to reach for training (inner thighs, shoulders, abdomen), making the figure look slender, beautiful, and rejuvenated.
The procedure has virtually no age restrictions. It is useful for both women and men.
Do not deny yourself body care, because underwater vacuum massage is a unique opportunity to restore mental and physical balance, putting a minimum of effort and getting maximum pleasure!

What effect does hydro-vacuum massage give you?
  • The skin, being drawn into the nozzle, receives a volumetric mechanical effect (massage), cleansing from impurities, toxins, dead cells (peeling), improving blood circulation (nutrition), stimulating collagen synthesis and regeneration. With a sharp weight loss, it helps reduce the severity of the effect of “saggy, excess” skin.
  • Subcutaneous fatty tissue. Being drawn into the nozzle following the skin, a volumetric mechanical effect (massage) occurs in it, subcutaneous fat is broken down, the severity of cellulite is reduced, lymphatic drainage is improved (swelling, congestion are reduced, waste and toxins are removed)
  • Muscles. During the massage, blood circulation improves, lactic acid is removed, fatigue and pain are relieved. Rehabilitation after injuries and sprains, physical activity, and sports training is accelerated. Muscle tension is removed.
  • Joints. Their trophism improves, mobility returns, and salt deposits are removed.
  • General strengthening effect: relieves stress, fatigue, nervousness. After the procedure, the client feels a surge of vigor and strength, or, if he has not been able to relax for a long time, a light, pleasant languor. Sleep is normalized. Activation of biologically active points and metabolic processes, normalization of the endocrine glands launch a self-healing program, increasing immunity and the body’s overall resistance to infections and adverse environmental factors. Regular cleansing of the skin from toxins and waste, as well as stimulation of their elimination through the lymph and kidneys, promotes overall health and excellent well-being.
A chic figure and healthy joints - it's easy!
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Contraindications to hydro-vacuum massage:
Despite the fact that this procedure is safe, for some diseases such effects on the body are not recommended, as they can lead to undesirable consequences. Such diseases include:
  • presence of deep vein thrombosis
  • any disease suffered by a person that cannot be stimulated by heat
  • diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases
  • the presence of bleeding or a predisposition to it
  • severe disturbances in the activity of the cardiovascular system
  • problems with blood circulation III-GRADE
  • the presence of vascular aneurysms
  • malignant tumors (oncology) in late stages
  • consult your doctor before your first procedure