Wellness baths

Duration 15–20 minutes

Recommended course 7-10 procedures

Baths with salt and natural concentrates, aromatherapy baths combined with hydromassage or aeromassage. This is just what you need after a busy day at work. Relax, put all your thoughts aside and allow yourself at least 20 minutes of rest in a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation.
Taking therapeutic mineralized and phyto baths differs from other treatment methods in its simplicity, accessibility and safety. There are many types of baths, differing in their composition, properties and effects on the human body. We can say that balneological treatment includes two directions: effects on the soul and body, because taking a bath is not only a beneficial procedure for the body, but also extremely pleasant. Depending on your health condition, a qualified specialist will select baths for you that will bring you only positive results and emotions.
At the WaterLand center, balneotherapy is actively used in combination with other procedures.
Discover true pleasure with every drop of wellness baths at the WaterLand health center in Batumi.
Dive into the World of Restoration and Harmony!
Our wellness baths are not just a procedure, but an exceptional gift for your health. For the first time in Batumi, the embodiment of comfort and care!
аромаванна в Батуми
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What baths are there at WaterLand?

Sea salt baths:

Unique composition
The composition of our liquid concentrates contains substances of exclusively natural origin.
Gum balsam and seaweed extracts are used as emulsifiers and stabilizers.
The dyes are extracts of pine needles, nettle, chestnut, sea buckthorn, laurel, etc.
There are no artificial fragrances to enhance the aroma.
This is a guarantee of hypoallergenicity and effectiveness of liquid concentrates. Allowing them to be used for different age categories of patients.

These procedures do not replace full treatment of diseases, however, they are recommended auxiliary effects on the body that speed up recovery.