Underwater shower-massage

Duration 30 minutes

Recommended course 7-14 procedures

Just like hydrovacuum massage, it provides deep muscle development, thereby replacing 3 sessions of general manual massage at once!
Underwater shower massage is a popular procedure that has a gentle healing effect on the body. Hydromassage is also actively used to improve skin condition, lose weight and get rid of cellulite.
Underwater hydromassage is a popular hydrotherapy procedure in which the body is massaged using water jets under high pressure. The healing process combines several factors: the hydrostatic effect of water, mechanical irritation of the skin and temperature effects on the body. Thanks to being in a warm bath, a person’s muscles relax, which makes it possible to influence deeper tissues through a massage shower.

Water therapy provides a noticeable improvement in the patient’s condition: mental and physical stress is easier to bear, respiratory diseases occur less frequently, people visit the doctor less often due to musculoskeletal pain, the appearance of cellulite decreases, scars and cicatrices on the skin smooth out, swelling decreases, cholesterol levels in the blood decrease .

What effect does underwater shower-massage give you?
  • a quick way to reduce volume and shape the body, reduce fat deposits and cellulite with an integrated approach
  • restoration of proper water balance in tissues
  • stimulation of fat breakdown and increased skin and muscle tone
  • improving the structure and color of the skin, increasing the supply of nutrients to it, removing dead skin cells, resurfacing it, the skin becomes soft, elastic and youthful
  • in warm water, tissue relaxation occurs, which minimizes muscle tension during a massage session and increases its effectiveness
  • increases blood supply to the skin and hemodynamics in general, increases diuresis and metabolism, activates trophic functions, promotes rapid resorption of hemorrhages and edematous fluid in tissues, removes waste and toxins from the body
  • accelerates the process of restoration of motor functions, increases mobility in the joints of the limbs and spine
  • scars and adhesions soften and become more mobile, gastrointestinal motility improves
  • the work of venous and lymphatic circulation is activated
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restoring their elasticity
  • improves the general condition of the body, improves mood
  • a feeling of softness, freshness and vigor appears
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Little test
You definitely need a course of underwater shower massage if you recognize 2 or more of your symptoms in the list below:
  • depression, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress
  • sports overload and excessive physical stress
  • muscular dystrophy
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, consequences of injuries
  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system
  • varicose veins in the early stage
  • metabolic disorders, obesity
  • pathological menopause

Contraindications to the use of underwater shower-massage:

  • malignant tumors
  • severe disorders of cardiovascular activity
  • mental illness
  • spinal cord diseases
  • seizures and epilepsy

Consult with your doctor before your first procedure