Physiocomplex Head Relaxation

Duration 50-60 minutes

Recommended course 7-10 procedures

Head Relaxation is a unique complex of 6 physiotherapy procedures, developed by an academician of natural sciences.
Physiotherapy is a non-drug method of influencing the body, based on the use of the properties of natural phenomena (electric current, magnetic radiation, sound, light, temperature, pressure, etc.).
In the daily rhythm of life, we rarely can find time for such seemingly simple things as eye exercises, facial, neck and head massage, which would give us at least a little relaxation.
But unfortunately, due attention is not always paid to this, and in the meantime, stress and fatigue accumulate, headaches and neck pain begin to torment, vision decreases, and mood is at zero.
What effect does a course of 10 procedures give you?
  • improve vision through muscle training
  • improve blood supply to tissues and brain
  • eliminate headaches and spasms in the spine
  • relieve swelling and prevent its occurrence
  • get rid of chronic fatigue and insomnia
  • smooth out wrinkles and improve skin structure
  • improve hair growth and strengthen hair follicles
  • eliminate pain in the cervical-collar area
Do you want to forget about headaches and eye fatigue?
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Little test
You definitely need the Head Relaxation physiotherapy complex if you recognize 2 or more of your symptoms in the list below:
  • headache
  • osteochondrosis
  • neck muscle tension
  • swelling of the face
  • insomnia
  • eye strain or blurred vision
  • bruises and bags under the eyes
  • dandruff or weak hair
Contraindications to physiotherapy:
  • acute and purulent inflammatory processes of various localizations
  • skin sensitivity disorders
  • individual intolerance to current
  • violation of the integrity of the skin at the sites where the electrodes are applied
  • eczema